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Frequently Asked Questions

Do retractable screens require a lot of maintenance?

As the screen is retracted when not in use, it remains in it’s housing during wet and cold months. The amount of maintenance is therefore very minimal. We recommend cleaning the screen once or twice a season to eliminate any small dust particles in the mesh: in spring before starting to use the screens, after winter season is over, in autumn and when summer is over. Clean your retractable screen with mild detergent and water by gently wiping with non linting cloth or large sponge.

Can retractable screens be repaired?

Yes they can. Although they are very durable, accidents can happen. The mesh can be replaced and most of the parts can be repaired or replaced. 

What is the difference between swing/sliding screens and retractable screens?

Unlike traditional fixed screens, retractable screens remain out of sight until you need them. They retract into a discreet housing when not in use – preserving your views as well as your home’s décor.

Can you see through retractable screens?

The great thing about retractable screens is that they disappear when you don’t need them – meaning you can enjoy your view all year round. The screen’s mesh allows you to see through the screen but still keeps bugs out. There are various mesh types available with different screen densities and colors, so if you want screens for solar shading or privacy, you can have that too. The degree of visibility is dependent upon the type of mesh you choose.

Are they going to look ugly on my house?

Not at all. Quality retractable screens are designed to be discreet and match your home’s décor. You can order them in a wide variety of colors and finishes – including wood grain. And there are a variety of installation options, allowing you to maintain the architectural integrity of your home.

What kind of bugs do they stop?

Retractable screens are every bit as effective at keeping out the bugs as any other screen you may have on your home. While all mesh “holes” are very small, different mesh types have different size holes. For superior insect protection, you may decide to choose a mesh like Phifer No-See-Um which protects against tiny insects. If you have specific needs, just let us know, and we will be advise you as to which is the best mesh for you.

Can I choose the mesh type?

Yes you can. Depending on the screen you choose, there are over numerous types of mesh available in different colors and weaves. Just ask us to show you our mesh samples. You’ll be able to see the mesh types available and discuss your needs with us. You can choose from all kinds of mesh for a wide variety of uses from protection from the heat and glare of the sun, to mesh that’s suitable for homes with pets, or even full privacy mesh.

Can I use these screens on my existing doors / windows? Or do they have to be on new construction?

They can be used on both existing homes and new construction. Our screens are designed to blend with all types and styles of homes – whether contemporary or traditional. Ask us to show you what we offer.

Do the manually operated door screens require a track at the bottom?

Yes they do but they are subtle and can be integrated with a sill/threshold adapter to help prevent tripping hazards.

Do retractable screens let the rain / wind through?

That depends on the mesh type. Mesh types with more open weaves allow greater air flow, tighter weave mesh, less so. If the wind is very strong, the mesh may produce a “sailing” effect, or escape its tracks. This can be easily rectified when the wind has dropped. For peace of mind, it is always wise to retract the screens in very strong winds. The mesh doesn’t act as a waterproof screen and therefore rain will penetrate the mesh.

Does the installation process make a mess?

No, we pride ourselves on our quality of work. Your home will be left in the same beautiful condition in which it was found.

How long do they take to install?

It depends on the number of doors we’re installing. Most installations are completed within one day. A single door screen can usually be installed in under an hour. When you schedule your installation with us, we will take into account any manufacturing lead times when ordering your screens. 

We will explain the time frames for both ordering and installation.

Will they fit my doors?

You can get retractable screens for nearly every kind of door opening. There are retractable screens suitable for single in-swing and out-swing doors, double-French, sliding patio and oversized doors.

Are they only available in white?

No, we have a large selection of colors from which to choose. Ask to see our samples.

I've got patio sliding doors - can I use retractable screens?

Yes. You can use several types of retractable screens, depending on the size of your opening.

What door types can I use retractable screens on?

We have retractable screens suitable for single in-swing and out-swing doors, double-French, sliding patio and oversized doors.

Are retractable screen doors strong enough to hold in my pets?

Sometimes, when the screens are first installed, pets can get confused and bump into them. There is enough “give” in the mesh to help prevent the screen from getting damaged from mild  to possibly moderate pressure. However, our retractable screens are intended for insect or solar protection only and should not be utilized as a pet retention system.

What happens if someone walks into my screen by accident?

Accidents happen! If it’s a gentle bump, chances are your screen will be perfectly OK. There is enough “give” in the mesh to prevent damage. However, if someone does fall into the screen with a substantial amount of pressure, the mesh may pull away from the housing. If this happens, give us a call. We will be able to replace the mesh and service the screen to ensure it runs smoothly again.

Can I take the screens with me when I move house?

We do not recommend this. Retractrable screen doors are fitted specifically to your home’s door and no 2 doors are exactly alike.

Something we missed?

If there’s something we haven’t covered in the FAQ section above and need more info, drop us a line – we’ll get back to you shortly.

Happy Customers

Highly Recommend

We've had retractable screens on our double front door for about 4-1/2 years and for 4-1/2 years they were nothing but misery. I met John at Home Depot and saw he was a retractable screen guy by the logo on his shirt. I stopped to ask him about my doors and he chatted with me for quite a while. What a great guy. Very generous with his time to do so. I scheduled an appointment for him to come by and take a look. He was ontime! wow what a concept. It turns out I had decent quality retractables but they had been installed wrong 🙁  He installed new doors and they work great! Absolutely no issues. Wish I would have called him in the first place - would have saved me a lot of misery and grief...and $$. Highly recommend!

Diane R, Newbury Park

I love it.

John was on time and professional. He installed a brand new retractable screen. I was hestitant at first because I had heard they were a little fussy to deal with. He assured me that it had to do with the quality. His knowledge gave me the confidence to go ahead and have one installed. That was 9 months ago and I couldn't be happier. The quality is great and so was the workmanship! I love it.

JoAnn F, Newbury Park

Rave Reviews

In my business as a service provider, I get asked quite frequently for a referral for retractable screen installers. I refer everyone to John. Not only have I never had a complaint, everyone that's used him has thanked me for referring him and gave him rave reviews. My name is on the line when I make referrals and so it's important to me to only refer those service people that I know will do a great job. John is that person.

Edward R, Thousand Oaks

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